Moseley Family Tree
Matthew and Tiffany
Lonnie and Carol Roger's Home
Roger and Linda Roger and Marty Matthew and Tiffany Meredith
Russ and Judy Russ and Sandy Greg and Jessica Jamie Jeannie Jeremiah Joshua
Richard and Leslie Hillary Sonia Roxanne James
29 Jul 1974
Nathaniel Paul
22 Jun 1978
Matthew Paul Moseley (29 Jul 1974 -- )
Andrews AFB, MD

Matthew was always scary smart with language, even at 5. So it was a mystery when he graduated Virginia University with an engineering degree. After ski bumming and doing some secret satellite stuff in Colorado, he finally turned his attention to the law, graduating Hastings Law School and starting his new career in San Francisco. He also started a new life, marrying Tiffany July 4, 2004. It wasn't long before they moved to Washington, D.C. as they both pursued their careers in the law. Matthews interest the law expanded to the tax code, which prompted him to take another year of education at the George Washington University Law School. (updated DEC10)

Tiffany blah (blah) Moseley ( -- )
Born somewhere, I'm sure of that

Smart cookie, boon to the family, great fun at a dinner party. Lawyer, too, and it appears a pretty good one.