Moseley Family Tree
Lonnie and Carol Roger's Home
Roger and Linda Roger and Marty Matthew and Tiffany Meredith
Russ and Judy Russ and Sandy Greg and Jessica Jamie Jeannie Jeremiah Joshua
Richard and Leslie Hillary Sonia Roxanne James
Meredith Paige Moseley (22 Jun 1978 -- )
Eglin AFB, FL

Meredith was never a shy child. She knew what she wanted to wear as soon as she could dress herself and set the fashion in many of her primary schools. After graduation from the University of Colorado, she set off for California to make her mark. Through her skills in French, she has maintained the Moseleys' contact with the French family that hid Lonnie from the Germans when he was shot down on July 4, 1944. In 2009 Meredith was her school district's Teacher of the Year and has enjoyed teaching English and French to freshmen and sophomores immensely. But it interferes with her outdoor activities--rock climbing, canyoneering, and exploring the Southwest. In 2010 she worked as a seasonal park ranger in Chaco Culture NHP. (updated DEC10)