Moseley Family Tree
Roger and Linda
Lonnie and Carol Roger's Home
Roger and Linda Roger and Marty Matthew and Tiffany Meredith
Russ and Judy Russ and Sandy Greg and Jessica Jamie Jeannie Jeremiah Joshua
Richard and Leslie Hillary Sonia Roxanne James
Matthew Paul (29 Jul 1974)
Andrews AFB, MD


Meredith Paige (22 Jun 1978)
Eglin AFB, FL
Roger Allan Moseley (1 Dec 1945 -- )
St George, UT

Roger followed Lonnie's example, serving as a career Air Force fighter pilot and test pilot. Despite having the best possible exciting assignments, including the F-117 and B-2, he was equally happy to be in the wood shop or taking photos. A fellowship to Harvard was the capstone of his Air Force life. In 1990 Roger refused promotion to Brigadier General and turned his attention to a second career (hey, the Berlin wall was down, we won, get a life). The promotions, awards, air medals and Purple Heart were important, but not as important as what Linda had made possible, a family admidst all the moves and time gone. (updated DEC10)

Linda Louise (Sykes) Moseley (28 Dec 1947 -- )
Quitman, GA

Linda married Roger on 20 Feb 1971 in Valdosta, Georgia, following a courtship where they often didn't have a nickel at the end of the month. After a 30-day honeymoon, she punted him off to Vietnam for a year. Following that separation, she was an excellent Air Force wife for 19 years in Louisiana, Virginia, California, Nevada, Ohio, Massachusetts, and back to Virginia. Linda gave up her career as an X-ray technician to raise the kids--the quality of her mothering can clearly be seen in Matthew and Meredith. To her own surprise, she excelled as an administrator at Harvard, and now works as an executive assistant in the hubbub of Washington D.C. Separated 1993, divorced amicably in 1997. (updated DEC10)