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Roger Allan Moseley (1 Dec 1945 -- )
St George, UT

Roger has been Marty's partner since 1998. She has hung in there with him, despite jobs that took him away to California, Virginia, and Nevada. Roger's second career has been much like the Air Force, with lots of moves and very interesting, and most of them lasting only a year or two, which is the way he likes it. He's been "mostly retired" since 2005, devoting his time to photograpy, Airstream travel trailers, and kayaks. If you can't find them, look for an Airstream with kayaks on the tow vehicle. One of these days he will actually get the house finished, then maybe he can move on to building the adobe that has been planned for 20 years. (updated DEC10)

Martha Mary Brodzik (31 Dec 1959 -- )
New Hartford, NY

Marty was a high school athlete who made her own way in the world. She graduated the USAF Academy and spent 5 years in the Air Force, learning technical management and getting her first Master's Degree. Since entering the civilian world she's worked mostly in telecommunications, moving with MCI to Colorado in 1993. She built a house, got a second Master's Degree, and finally settled into a job doing secret stuff for Space Command. Marty is up for any challenge, from boondocking in the Airstreams to kayaking the wilderness to hiking and camping. She is the motor behind finding the land for the adobe. (updated DEC10)