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Welcome to the Airstream Doctor’s consolidated site for vintage Airstream repairs and remodeling. The objective of this site is to document my work so I can review it later–it’s really for my own purposes. If you find it useful, that’s excellent.

The Doctor’s detail expertise is limited to the 1970s models, which will limit his responses to specific questions about hardware. If you have general questions about sheet metal, axles, electrical, windows, cabinetry, or plumbing, feel free to fire away. Comments are generally off. If you would like to make a general remark, the Your Ideas page is available for that. Specific comments can be sent to me via the contact email address and I will either answer your question or update the page, as appropriate.

Many detailed descriptions of rennovations, fixes, and updates are available on Zeppelinium’s threads on Those threads are slowly being consolidated (many comments are being edited out) and migrated to this site and will only be maintained here after migration.

The Doctor may have the occasional odd part, but most of the old systems have already been removed and given away. Available parts are shown on the parts page.

Thanks, and enjoy.