Broken Studs on Letters

I removed the letters from my 1977 Safari to polish the front end cap and found that several of the attaching studs were broken off.  I’m going to JBWeld some new studs in place. Maybe cut off a sheet metal screw or a coarse thread #8 machine screw? I’m hoping that epoxy will be strong enough to hold them in place.

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The existing holes in the shell are large, like maybe 1/4″. Finding a spot for another hole isn’t that ought to do, but it’s just another little PITA in getting the letters back on. I think the large holes allowed for fine alignment of the letters. I do like the idea of a flush rivet, but the air gap in the back
of the letter would have to be shimmed. The two letters that had the pop rivet in them were totally non-obvious–the trick is to use just the right color of blue, I guess.


JB weld worked like a champ. Letters are installed on the Safari and the posts seem totally secure under the tension of the speed nuts.

To get the finish, I polished the face of the letters first, then masked off the raised edges using ainters tape and a razor blade. A light coat of aluminum primer (rustoleum from HD) and two coats of Sail Blue Rustoleum from HD) finished the job. Once the masking tape was peeled off, a careful polish of the face removed any paint that leaked onto the edges.

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