Caravel w/ Permanent Bed

Sorry that I’m not a totally vintage refurbisher, but I like it. I took out almost everything and replaced all with 1/2″ birch plywood, new fridge, stove and water heater. No space heater.

You can see the microwave over the fridge. Continuing back, I put in a full length cabinet over the new bed. The bed is small, but comfortable for two 5’9″ adults. In order to get sufficient room at the shoulders, the bed alignment is slanted, which you can see by the upturned edge of the throw rug. The bed is supported on three cabinets that have doors held on at both vertical edges by velcro, so they pull off completely–the short one at the foot holds one 18″x22″x14″ plastic box, the large one at the head holds two boxes, and the narrow center one holds tripods, shoes, whatever.

The new kitchen area has a large overhead cabinet that has a second shelf inside. This is my third remodel and I have found drawers to be my top need when remodeling. I still haven’t figured out how to secure them when traveling, so I’m into bungees and hooks. Works great, looks like hell, but they can be removed as soon as you stop.

The front area is not quite done–still need a seat on the street side, but a folding chair works great for now. The Paduk table has an extension the comes out another two feet. You can see the storage area behind the bench seat–under it there are the two drawers and in the other end two small areas (doors held on by velcro) that hold 13 bottles of wine and two twelve-paks of cokes, etc.

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I never did a final documentation of the finished interior. So, for those who are remodeling their Caravels, here ’tis.

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In the photo below it’s not easy to see, but the open door to the right of the sink is held up by the open door (seen edge-on) below it. This was intended to provide additional counter space. The dish “drawer” below the stove is tilted out. Because it rotates, it is held closed by its own weight.

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The drawers in the seat are very handy when you’re outside and need a small hand tool or flashlight. The other end of the bench seat has room for 12 bottles of wine.

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The cabinet over the bed could hold two sports bags and a spare set of bedding. Three compartments under the bed provided storage for items that weren’t often accessed.

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The P.O. had removed the small sink under the rear window, but I put a vanity above the window anyway. Not shown are the shelves inside the wet bath, which allowed me to use the shower area as a darkroom (boy, film seems like it was a loooong time ago). The original light is above the vanity.

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