Hidden Rivets

You can’t do one of these projects without something totally unexpected bitting you. In this case it was hidden rivets in the lower aft corner of both of the forward banana skins. This photo is of the curb side skin, back near the door. You can see that the piece of skin that is hanging down had to be unfastened in order to even see the rivet (the rivet hidden under that skin). The really bad part of this is that the covering skin was the extension of the side skin from above, not some piece of trim that only curved up to the trim belt. What a total pain, and unnecessary.

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The other problem was the skin between the tongue frame. I can hardly conceive of how it was installed–it had to be in place before the blind rivets were driven in the skin below the front window or, more likely, was in place and the shell was lowered onto the floor/frame and covered this piece up. There was absolutely no way to get the belly pan down without significantly bending this piece, so I removed it ever so daintily and wil replace with a skin that is external and stops under the trim belt. It’s purpose is to close the area between the tongue frame and to wrap under the belly skin at the leading edge, preventing the belly skin from being a water scoop.. This can be accomplished fairly easily, since the trim belt can conceal the top edge of this small new piece of skin.

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