New Valve in Old Toilet

This is a Galaxy 30. Yes, the valve is broken. Worse, I find out the valve is no longer available. So here goes–you can make the currently available valve work.

First, you have to have a method of testing the toilet. I have a couple of fittings that allow me to hook it up to a hose.

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Second, you order the valve and look at the differences. The mount, operation, and connection to water are the same. But the water goes out a different direction and there is no hook on the new valve for the water-only foot pedal.

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Third, take the whole mechanism out of the toilet by removing 5 screws.

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Note the path of the hose and where the new hose needs to go. Then cut a new hole and shorten the hose to fit the new valve. Hook the spring onto the end of the big spring and put it all back together.

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The new hole could have been a little bit closer to the old hole and a bit to the right, but this works. BTW, you can order a new two-pedal mechanism for $120 (but why would you if a new Style II is available for $180?).