Fridge Vent

The big issue is to get a ‘perfect’ seal all around the fridge and ensure a nice free-flowing chimney effect behind the fridge. When I took the vent cover down, I found a really crappy fit between the inner skin and the actual vent. Here’s the fix:

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Fixing a cracked vent cover is not easy, which is why I replaced the Sovereign cover with one made of aluminum (see the separate page on this). I didn’t have the time on this one, plus it wasn’t in terrible shape. But getting a good seal between the cover and the shelf above the fridge eluded me. The original design just didn’t hack it. So I put a metal flange on the lower edge of the cover. It takes some magic measuring to get this channel on the cover in the exact right place. You have to install the whole surround, then cleco the cover in place, then draw a line. I didn’t have any more sophisticated measuring capability than that. BTW, I used bucked rivets (actually, squeezed rivets) to attach the flange to the cover. Pop rivets might work, but I’m always concerned about cracking the plastic. With a rivet squeezer you can control the deformation of the rivet shank a little better.

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You can see in the installed photo that the flange continues left and right a bit, to help get a seal between the back edge of the shelf and the wall. You don’t see the flange of the channel against the wall in this installation because these partitions were made several years ago and the flange is actually in the kerf at the back edge. I don’t like it–it reduces the strenth of the partition attachment. But so far it has worked fine–no cracked edges.