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Keeping drawers restrained during travel has been a vexing problem that is not completely solved yet. Many ideas about magnets, push rods, rotating gizmos, etc., but the only one that I really like so far is the lock the keeps the wine rack restrained in the Sovereign.

The following is a partial solution, only because it isn’t really helpful for kitchen drawers.

I stumbled on a surface mount 90ยบ hinge at HD that can provide overlay or inset doors, simply by reversing the same part. I hadn’t considered anything except the Blum hinges, so this was a real find, since the Blums require at least 11/16″ cabinet thickness and I only have 15/32″. The drawers were already made and mounted, so some modifications were required in order to provide space for the hinge and latch hardware. As it operates, the hinge “elbows” out 1″ into the cabinet, but in the full open or closed position it’s only 1/2″ high.

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The latch is 5/8″ thick, so a simple rabbet in the top edge of the drawer would have been sufficient on the latch side. There are a number of push latches, but this one is attractive from an ease of operation standpoint. Its one drawback is it needs about 1/8″ of inward motion to activate, so it doesn’t hold the door tight to the cabinet cross pieces.

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