Shorten Your Tub

And by doing so, get another foot of kitchen counter space!

Once I got going on Saturday morning, it became a complete trash pile. The tub was cut using a saber saw and a hand held hack saw blade for those corners where the saber saw didn’t reach. It was extremely critical to get the edge exactly flat, since the seal to the new partion was going to be a simple butt joint using silicone. The side of the partition facing the tub was faced with FRP. I wish now I could have seen into the future and moved the Univolt. More on that later.

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Russ, here’s the photos of how I moved the bedroom back a foot.

First, cut the tub in “half.” The tub is tight up against the FRP (the FRP is glued to the 1/2 birch partition with silicon. One of the edges is coming up slightly, but I am sure it will glue back down–when I get a round tuit.) and sealed with silicon. It’s been a good seal for 8 years. (You have to get the cut almost perfectly planar and vertical. I lucked out with a saber saw! You can trim it with a rasp to get real close.) One day I’m going to tear out the sink surround and move the sink about 8″ toward street side so I can have a full shower without that dreadful overhang with the handle.

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Now your partions won’t be opposite each other (see diagonal cut in the Pergo flooring–it’s always good to provide segments in these floors so you don’t have to remove all of it to get at something near one end. I have 4 segments in the Overlander. The other three are covered with an extrustion from HD that’s designed to make a transition from carpet to hardwood.).

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You can gain privacy in the bathroom by making a door inside a door. First photo is of the bath closet open wide and the “door inside a door” unfolded. The second photo shows the contraption in the correct position so that it provides a closed door to the bathroom.

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