Drawer Control, Kitchen

Thanks to a suggestion from FOILED AGAIN (thanks, Sister), I’ve adopted a drawer control method that is simple, cheap, and quick–use curtain spring rods between the floor and underside of the counter. Voila! (Be careful where you use this–heavy drawers can bend the rods and get loose! Don’t ask how I know this.)

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I am a little leery of relying only on the friction from the spring force, so I decided to drill receiving holes for the ends of the rods. I hated to do it in the floor (the under counter holes aren normally “invisible”), but the simplicity of the solution convinced me it was worth it.

You need to make a small tool to guide the forstner bit. It will walk on the hard surface of any
Pergo-like flooring and it’s difficult to keep it from walking when you’re drilling upside down on the counter top. The holes in the floor need a coating of spar varnish to keep them water resistant.

If this was Thursday, I’d say I love my Airstream because it has 16 drawers–you just don’t
see the others.


I wish all my Airstreams had this feature. It’s great to be able to reach in and grab tools, flashlights, extension cords, etc., without tracking crud inside.

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Whew! It’s only been 10 years and the front end is finally done.