New Rear Bath

The original plastic countertop and sink molding took too much room out of the shower (originally a tub, but cutting that in half was my very first modification). This area has always been the main source of road dust, coming up through the floor plumbing penetrations and into the rear of the trailer.

The first step will be to replace the over-sink vanity cabinet and mirror. Next, a new stainless sink and cabinet alongside the toilet. Last, lowering the tub to the floor and rerouting the drain lines. This might also include a small gray tank, just for the two sinks (kitchen and bath), about 8 gallons. That’s enough to wash a couple meals of dishes and brush your teeth, so you’re dribbling on the WallyMart parking lot during quick stops. I have to see what I can fit aft of the wheel well under the bed.

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OK, the tub is out. The objective is to install a shower pan on the floor to recover the 4 or so inches of height that the tub was off the floor. The battery box makes this a bit difficult, as it pushes the kitchen drain away from the wall. The PO had installed an alternate battery box on the street side, so I may remove this one to get the room for the shower pan.

You can see the hole where the J-trap was for the tub. I thought all the road dust was coming up through the floor around the dump valve, but it now appears that this is the real source.

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The main electrical area is just forward of where the tub was. I think I’ll move the coverter to the forward part of this storage area, take the battery box out, and install a gray tank (for the sinks, only) here.

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Now that the old tub is out, I see opportunity. In order to place the new shower pan on directly on the floor, most of the bath plumbing needs to be rearranged, forcing the removal of the battery box (the PO happened to install another battery box on the other side–how serendipidous!).

It occurs to me that the space in the last photo in the previous post (the storage area aft of the wheel well under the bed) could hold an above-floor gray tank. A check of tanks from The Metal Company finds a big selection of tanks between 15 and 28 gallons that will fit. The twenty gallon size looks like the best bet, simply because it provides sufficient room to get hands into the space with the tank and get the in and out pipes connected.

An above-floor gray tank can’t do anything for the shower, but it allows use of both sinks (20 gallons ought to provide 3-5 days use). This will make the Balloon Fiesta a lot easier!

Obviously the floor needs to be repaired and the exterior skins need some work.

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The fuse block and the Intellipower need to be relocated–not a big deal except the wires to the fuse block limit how far it can be easily moved. Maybe it can go under the shower seat and be accessed from the outside.