Bed into Couch

Rather than the other way around.

As I’ve said previously, I don’t like the mechanism for the pull-out beds. Here’s the finish of the couch conversion–first photo is the bed when it’s in the couch mode. The lower compartments pull out on wheels. The leftmost compartment is just an open storage area that can accept all the couch parts when it’s converted back to a bed.

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The following three photos show how the back of the couch works. The vertical part of the back is in two pieces that slip apart. Each of them has a hinged support that extends towards the front window–you can just see the two supports in the middle photo where the middle cover piece has been removed (you can see the interleave pattern that allows all three covers to rest on the two support arms). The area behind the couch backrest can store pillows and blankets, all nicely concealed. Plus, you get a sofa table-like area behind the couch. Yes, the piece in the foreground fits in the open space–it’s the wide angle lens that makes it look too big.

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This photo shows all the wood pieces disassembled and folded, ready to slide into the storage area at the left side of the bed.

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The couch “seat” still has the problem of being flat (not comfortable). I solved this with a thin, removable, two-piece plywood wedge under the front edge of the mattress.This way I can store it with the rest of the parts. The 5″ wide, 1″ high wedge will provides a suitable slope to the seat.