Mid-Bath Cabinet

Back to work on the Sovereign–it’s going to the 4CU Refurbishment rally! Last year when I stopped work on the cabinets, the bathroom still needed doors and drawers.

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Here’s the first step. I generally followed the outline of the original cabinets, so the water heater needed a “bump-out” cover. I was going to do it in wood, but the 60 and 30 degree joint was going to take some time, so I decided to do it in aluminum. I don’t think I saved any time, after all is said and done, but it sure is light in comparison to what a wooden cover would have weighed.

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I used the steel table saw table and a 2×4 with clamps to get the long bends in the sheet. Man, I need a brake! But it turned out OK, you can barely see the mallet marks. They’re a lot more pronounced in this photo than they really are.

There is a ball valve behind the cover (see its blue handle sticking out) for cutting off water in cold weater to the toilet and pressure regulator, so the cover has a small “reach thru” to get to the valve handle. I decided the sheet metal was a bit sharp, so I put a shield of 1/2″ channel around it.

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I noticed that I never posted the final Sovereign bathroom, just the heater cover. So here it is.

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I really like the small stainless sink. It was some old bar sink I rescued from a dump. It takes up a little more room than the small sink that was molded in the plastic counter, but it’s much more useagle adn there’s still plenty of counter space.