Rear Bedroom Desk

The back bedroom is coming along. I did a desk similar to this in the Overlander. I’m not sure if it wouldn’t be better to just use a pair of drawer slides in their normal orientation (vertical) rather than flat, but you’d still need a panel under the desktop to ensure the partitions are parallel and held at a precise width. The total height of the desktop and the panel would be about an inch more than this method.

The desktop is 34″ wide and 17-1/2″ deep. This is plenty for a laptop and some paperwork on the side.

With the desk closed, the room between the edge of the bed and the desk edge is about 22″. Now that it’s installed, I’m wondering why I made the partitions so tall. I may decide later to cut them down even with the bottom on the window. One thing that argues for keeping them high is that I can install a small shelf or a light bar up above the window. Note the cable holes in the right side partition–there are also holes that allow cable runs from the shelf above the desk down to the desk and even down into the cabinet (there’s about 1/2″ clearance at the back of the desk when the desk is closed).

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With the desk pulled out, there isn’t much vertical space between the matress and the underside of the desk. This may seem too close, but the matress is memory foam, so it compresses down in about 3 minutes and the desk height is very comfortable (I like a low typing height, almost down on my thighs).

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Now for a definite problem. The doors on the cabinets swing down. It was a bad idea for the lower doors to have a protruding handle, because the upper door rests on that handle. I may convert the lower doors to finger pull holes.

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the rear bedroom: there are three compartments under the bed that are accessible from inside and one long one along the shell accessible from outside. the mattress is 4″ of firm foam topped with 2″ of memory foam. man, that sucker is like a rock if it’s cold, but within a few minutes of getting in bed, like 5, it’s soft and comfy. with all that foam, this bed is toasty with just two quilts down to 35 degrees inside temp. the desk is designed so that you sit on the bed.

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