Toilets, tanks, PEX, freeze protection, dump valves, sinks, faucets, outside showers, pumps, water heaters.

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    1. Zep Post author

      Didn’t I cover this recently on the AirForums? I’d be glad to do it again if this isn’t a repeat.

      1. Terrence Colpitt

        I’m sorry if I am going over old ground. I have seen your pictures of a toilet that had already been removed. The only way I could figure it was installed to the fiberglass cabinet was possibly glue.

        1. Zep Post author

          No, there are two bolts, similar to what you’d find in a home toilet, but they are hidden inside. You can see one by looking over the top of the flush pedal. The other is visible through the removable hole cover in the seat–you get at the bolt from behind.

          I hope you already found them. Zep

  1. Carolyn Beardshear

    I just purchased a 1975 23′ Safari and it’s been camped in for a week. Suddenly there is a wet spot in the middle of the (carpeted) bathroom floor. The area around the wet spot is dry. Nothing is leaking from the ceiling and there is no evidence of water leaking onto the floor from the rear bumper.

    Any thoughts? I’d appreciate any suggestions.


  2. Zep Post author


    that’s a new one. There’s really no reason for water to be welling up in the middle of the floor. All the water lines are along the shell edge. There is a gray tank under that location, but there is maybe 5″ of clearance down to the tank (the space is no well used).

    There may be nothing leaking from the ceiling now, but that’s my best guess. The only other source would be a leak along the floor that is being hidden by the foam carpet pad until it gets to your wet spot. Please post what you find (posts will be turned off when I upload the new web page, so please post on the “your ideas” page. thanks)


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