Windows and Doors

What a pain.

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  1. Philip Conway-Burt

    I have an Overlander 1967 Aistream that I am restoring.
    The door hinge is slightly loose at the base of the hinge and is causing the door to drop slightly.
    Can these be adjusted. Is there a video showing how to remove the door. I would like to re skin it because it has a dent by the hinge where the door has swung open. The frame by the lock is also broken. I was going to have it welded if possible.
    Philip Conway-Burt

    1. Zep Post author

      Phil, I’m not sure of the mechanical details of the 60′s hinges. I did reskin a ’64 Bambi II door and also the skin just aft of the door. It seems to me that the screws holding the hinge in place can loosen in their holes. You have to get inside the frame and put in a doubler in order to get the hinge tight again. No video that I know of.

      If you reskin the door you need to make a fixture that will maintain the desired door curve. This is a bit of a challenge because you need to allow access to the rivets while the fixture is attached to the door.

      Reskinning the shell, particularly the skin aft of the door, is easy if, and only if, you have access from the inside, eg, you’ve removed the inside skin. This will allow you to buck in new solid rivets. You can do it without inside access, but you will have to match drill the new skin from the old one and you’ll have to use Olympic rivets. The Olympic shaver is very expensive–you can hand file and polish each rivet head, but when you have more than a handful of Olympics, it is quite a chore without the shaver.

      Is it the door frame or the frame in the shell that is broken? You can weld them if you find a welder with a TIG machine who knows what he is doing.


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